Our 1500 gallon asphalt Seal Coating truck allows for  larger job site projects and increased work areas.

About Us

Phone: 715-423-9040

E-mail: aaseal@solarus.net

                  A&A Seal Coating was started 20 years ago with the intent purpose of filling a growing need for asphalt Seal Coating and repair in our central Wisconsin area. We are a fully insured company and our goal is the satisfaction of the customer. Since then our services have grown to include Hot rubberized crack filling, stripping and infrared patching. As our customer base has increased so has our commitment to project quality and customer satisfaction. A&A Seal Coating guarantees the work and the customer satisfaction.

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A&A Seal Coating's 3 ton infrared patching vehicle.

A&A Seal Coating’s 500 gallon seal vehicle with 100 gallon hot rubber crack filler.