Seal coating is the process of applying a coal-tar based product, modified with latex. It creates a protective surface layer that coats your asphalt, protects, beautifies, and adds years to its life all at a fraction of the cost of having to replace pavement once its worn beyond repair.

Product Summary


♦ Extends the life of your asphalt
♦ Reduces the impact of ultraviolet rays
♦ Helps the pavement hold onto its oils and aggregate
♦ Makes your pavement look like new

Price is based on SQ.FT. and condition of pavement.

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Step 1).Clean surface to improve the bonding of the sealant. This may include the use of power blowers, hand tools and self propelled sweepers to clean the pavement of dirt and debris.

Step 2).Apply bituminous pavement sealer at the rate of 45 sf per gallon. This may be a one or two coat application. The sealcoat is to be mixed with fine mineral aggregates and latex rubber in order to provide a more durable finish.

Step 3).After the asphalt sealer has dried and cured, a measuring tape, chalk box and chalk line are used to mark where the parking lines and symbols will be painted. This will insure the proper location of the new lines and symbols